My first dog ever passed away this morning at the age of 15, we really don't know what Smoky was, we got him as a "free" puppy out of the paper, his mom was a rough collie mix, his dad was a stray mutt that wondered in off the streets, but for his 15 years of life, he was a great dog, very loyal to our family, he would always let us know when something was wrong and kept us safe, he use to round the chickens up and protect them from whatever he felt they needed protection from. Sadly, his life was taken to soon, he was healthy up to the end, but last night in a huge snowstorm my mom called to tell me he'd jumped the fence and she couldn't find him, he'd only been outside a few minutes when he got out of the yard! We searched for hours last night to no luck, sadly this morning we found him next to the highway, our best guess is that he must have taken off after something in the storm last night and been hit almost as soon as he got out. It's a tragic end to such a loyal companion, I really feel bad for my mom, she really depended on Smoky to tell her when someone was at the door since her doorbell doesn't always work and she liked the security of having him around and his company when my dad wasn't home. Please keep her in your thoughts as she grieves the loss of her companion.