For Dry Eye/Curly coat look at the coat, pads on feet, nails and eyes. This dry eye is a much more severe form of "normal" dry eye, the eyes are cloudy, nearly blue, sore and require constant hourly treatments. Keeping out of wind, rain and sun is a must, walk on grass not pavements. The pads on feet are dry, cracked, bleeding and the nails are different shapes and not regular set like normal nails, full of ring marks and snap and fall out causing lots of pain. the coat isn't soft and curly but harsh and brittle, it snaps of and is best kept very short.

DE/CC is seen when pups are born, the coat is a first give away. It is inherited and genetic. Parents can be carriers and not affected themselves. When the eyes open it is visable and when pups are given like this to the public then they should be fully aware of the care required when taken.

My heart went out to you Emma when you brought your baby home, I remember her very curly whiskers and the harsh coat in the photograph, I could have cried for you both. It's sad but there seems to be more of it around and people need to be aware of it in the breed.

It was hard work with my Honey, I went to the Animal Health Trust where we were looked after very well, it was trial and error, a skin specialist for one thing, an eye specialist for another, it is also thought to be an auto-immune disease and it was Cushings (an auto-immune condition also) that finally took her. Running the two illnesses was very hard for her. I'm told that this condition together (DE&CC) only appears in the CKCS. Also that affectedness can vary in severity.

Find an understanding vet, take information with you on this condition, get seen by a specialist, and if you need to PM about it then please do.