These two CDs of all five talks and the hour long Q&A session with
leading experts on syringomyelia and the Chiari-like malformation in
cavaliers are available now directly from The direct
link is:

They contain all five talks on current research into SM including Dr
Sarah Blott's two-year project to produce breeding guidelines for
breeders, detail on the status of the genome research, and an hour
long Q&A session held by all the panelists with breeders and pet
owners at the veterinary satellite session of the International
Syringomyelia Symposium held in Rugby, England in Oct 2007.

Designed for a general audience, these talks are an excellent introduction to
the condition and also give the latest update on the hunt for
relevant genes, and advice and research efforts to help breeders.
Nearly three hours of talks are on these two CDs. You can listen to a
clip from each talk on the Cafepress website.

All profits go directly to CKCS genome research.

Dr Clare Rusbridge, Stone Lion Veterinary Centre:
"Canine syringomyelia: an introduction"
Mr Graham Flint, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham:
"Human Chiari malformation and syringomyelia"
Dr Sarah Blott, Animal Health Trust: "Breeding for health in
pedigree dogs: optimization of
breeding strategies to reduce inherited disease"
Dr Dominic Marino: Long Island Veterinary Specialists
"Experiences in surgery for canine syringomyelia”

CD 2:
Dr Guy Rouleau, University of Montreal:
"The search for gene(s) predisposing to Chiari 1
malformation with syringomyelia"
Q&A: questions posed by breeders and pet owners to the full
panel (60

They are priced at $10.99 each and the entire transaction will be
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