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Thread: Who was it who had the 'baby grow' for after the 'op'?

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    I just went to the local charity shop and they had a whole bin of them, three for a euro or something like that, so I got a bunch of sizes. Just cut a hole for the tail and you can unsnap and roll it up like a t-shirt for walks/toiletting. It is a good idea to measure as it is easy to get sizes that are too small! I tend to find you only need them for about 3-4 days but I've never had a dog that bothered the stitches much anyway.
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    thats a really awesome idea! so glad i dont have to make lexi wear that hideous cone when its her time to get spayed nervous about it already.
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    I have a confession to make - we had both Star and Ruby spayed shortly before they turned six months old. We didn't use the collar or a onesie on either one, because neither of them ever bothered their stitches. Actually, their stitches were internal, with the incision "glued" shut. My vet says I am bad, bad, bad.

    I did have a reason, though - one of our cats had to have surgery several years ago after he ate some ribbon (our house is now baby-proofed for this guy; he goes nuts over any string, ribbon, etc). He had to wear the collar for a really long time, and it caused a sore on his neck, and eventually a small bald spot. That's why I tried going with nothing for the girls.

    But as they say, don't try this at home...
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