Sorry for the delayed update - it's been a bit of a day

The good news is that Oscar's bandage is off, it looks a bit gory {might post a photo tomorrow for those with strong stomachs...} but he's much more comfortable without it. He is getting about really well with the bucket collar on - it's a clear one so he can see where he is going. He's eating really well - no surprise there with Oscar!! - I'm just having to soak his kibble and not give him anything hard to chew on as that hurts him.

He seems very happy - he was sore last night and quite whiny, but is doing great today

Rupert is doing ok - he was pleased to see me again, once he woke up - he was snoring when I arrived

HIs enzymes still aren't normal but Glasgow vet school have advised us to give him very small amounts of bland food {boiled chicken or white fish and rice}, literally one teaspoon - every few hours. He has started to drink from a bowl again which is great. He isn't intersted in the food, but if you put it in his mouth he swallows it rather than spits it out which is ok.

He lets the vets know when he wants to go out - if they open the door he walks out of the kennel as fast as his little legs can carry him at the moment

He is just a bag of bones now bless him, really hard to see him like this.

If he manages to keep the food down and there is no vomiting or diarrhoea overnight, then they will try removing the drip and we *might* be able to bring him home Paws crossed, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high yet just in case {also because we have exceptionally bad weather forecast for overnight and tomorrow, so we might not even be able to get there due to that }

He will need quite intensive care, so please forgive me in advance if I'm not about very much...

The not so good news is that Cruzy's tummy is away AGAIN


which we had managed to get under control with the Pancreatic Enzymes - after about three weeks of unexplained and uncontrollable diarrhoea. He's been ok for about a week, and for some reason, he was slightly loose last night and then I got up this morning to diarrhoea from one end of the kitchen to the other....

He is also extremely skinny now - and quite a worry. SO I will be taking him back to the vet again tomorrow too - weather permitting.