Yesterday my childhood love crossed the rainbow bridge after a long battle with cancer Millie lived across the street from the elementry school I went to, I'd often go over and play with her as I was growing up. Millie was a pound puppy, her breed is a mystery - There was some cocker in there somewhere, but who knows what else. Millie lived a good long life - 23 years old! And even at that age, she was very active still! Her owner asked me to go with on that final trip since she knew how much Millie ment to me, I've always been the one to take care of Millie when they left town over the years, and even with her leg swollen from the cancer, she as all over the car on the way to the vet. But her quality of life was starting to slip, we knew it was time to end her suffering before she got any worse. Now she's running free, she'll never know pain or suffering again!!!! I'm sure going to miss that spunky little dog!