to our precious little girl 8 TODAY!!

She brings us so much happiness every day.

Kyla is dealing with Syringomyelia, she is on a cocktail of medications but is still happy and comfortable and gets out for a walk most days.

She also has some unresolved issues at the moment, she licks excessively at her vulva, which we initially thought might be due to the Syringomyelia, but she had urine tests which showed a nasty infection and calcium oxalate crystals. She had antibiotics which cleared the infection and is on a kidney diet, which seems to have cleared the crystals, but sadly the problem is not resolved and she now has another infection . Bless her she is very brave and good at the vets, and we hope that we will soon discover what is going on.

Despite all this, she is happy and content and is usually found snuggled up with one of the other dogs on her sheepskin in "her" corner of the sofa