For anyone living in/near Newry, Co Down, Pet Connection are doing Royal Canin at BOGOF

The CKCS breed specific (which Rosie loves) is at £7.99 for 1.5kg - don't know if this is a good price as this is the first time I have bought RC, but at BOGOF it seems like a good deal.

The deal is on until the end of February, so if anyone is visiting the Newry area, it's worth a visit.

If there is anyone out there in the Down/Armagh/Belfast area that can't get there and would like more details or me to get some on your behalf, PM me and I 'll see what I can do for you and maybe meet you somewhere halfway between me and you to get it to you.

I'm going back in on Wednesday to get some more for Rosie as they only had two bags left of the one she likes and they are getting a delivery tomorrow.

I work quite near the store so there is no problem me making several visits.