Hi ive just written a long post explaining everything but it crashed when i went to post it so im just keeping it brief incase it happens again.

Anyway Lola has not been eating well for a few weeks now i have tried many different food with her but she goes off them after a couple of days,she is'nt having the same thing everyday and i try to vary it.

She has been wormed,drinks plenty of water but just sniffs her food and walks away.We have stopped all her treats as i dont want her filling up on treats and thinking she doesnt have to eat her dinner.
This is really starting to get me down now as i dont want her to lose weight as she is'nt very big as it is.
She is 18 months now and should be bigger than she is .
She is tall but not very wide if you know what i mean.

Any advice on getting her to eat please would be great.