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Thread: Ziggy - Scheduled for Surgery April 3rd.

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    Default Ziggy - Scheduled for Surgery April 3rd.

    Okay, I guess the decision is made. Ziggy is now so big that people are starting to question if he's even purebred. If you consider that he came inside a rescue, I guess there is a chance that his daddy was not a Cavalier, but except for his size, he's a great example of our breed. I doesn't matter to me anyway, he was born in my Living Room and I couldn't love him and his antics and his personality anymore than I do.

    That having been said, I feel that with the questions that have arisen over his size that I should neuter him. I am not looking forward to this. I don't want to hurt him, I am scared of losing him, but I feel its still the best thing to do. So the surgery is scheduled for Thursday, April 3rd. Please keep him . . . and me . . . in your thoughts on that day.

    Oh and one more thing, please don't hold it against Ziggy that he might not be purebred, he is still a beautiful animal and an incredible dog. He and I are going to have fun in agility, obedience and rally.

    Thanks, ya'll
    Julie and the Z-Team
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    Couple of things-
    First of all, judging from the picture of Ziggy (in the pumpkin patch), he looks 100% Cavalier to me.
    Also, I think neutering is a good thing.
    We had Charlie neutered many years ago and have never regreted it.

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    Neutering is standard in the contract from *all* reputable rescues breeders anyway, so best practice would be neutering -- if he came from a rescue, you'd have needed to do this anyway I think? Or if you rescued him yourself, this would be the absolutely correct decision to make as a responsible guardian of a rescue or if you are becoming involved in rescuing yourself. Size shouldn't really have anything to do with it -- you wouldn't ever want to have bred a dog without knowing full background and having full health history on the lines and also knowing from a professional that he had genes worth conserving health and conformation-wise -- and you also wouldn't want to risk him fathering litters accidentally so all around this is the responsible, ethical decision. Good for you!

    There are many health considerations, much less the much higher risk of losing him due to wandering, if he were left intact anyway -- far greater than the tiny risk associated with anaesthesia. I am sure he will be fine and home in no time!
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