Okay, I guess the decision is made. Ziggy is now so big that people are starting to question if he's even purebred. If you consider that he came inside a rescue, I guess there is a chance that his daddy was not a Cavalier, but except for his size, he's a great example of our breed. I doesn't matter to me anyway, he was born in my Living Room and I couldn't love him and his antics and his personality anymore than I do.

That having been said, I feel that with the questions that have arisen over his size that I should neuter him. I am not looking forward to this. I don't want to hurt him, I am scared of losing him, but I feel its still the best thing to do. So the surgery is scheduled for Thursday, April 3rd. Please keep him . . . and me . . . in your thoughts on that day.

Oh and one more thing, please don't hold it against Ziggy that he might not be purebred, he is still a beautiful animal and an incredible dog. He and I are going to have fun in agility, obedience and rally.

Thanks, ya'll