Had Bonny, the older cav i took in a couple of weeks ago, to the vet Thursday as she started to cough and bring up white foamy stuff. I knew it was to do with her heart but thought maybe she needed more meds. The vet put her on a water tablet as well as her med she is all ready on also said he would keep her in to do a dental on her as her teeth are very bad, said it might help her abit.
Holly has been great for the last few days eating more and no coughing. This morning when i went to take her for her toilet break she started coughing again and bringing up the foamy stuff again, also she collapsed and peeded on her self, when she came round she wasnt able to stand for awhile.
As i went throught all this with Sam a couple of months ago i knew what i was taking on. Still horrible to watch but i now her time is prob coming to an end but i like to think i gave her some love before anything does happen to her. I know she came from sort of a good home but here she has had lots of love and attention. Sitting her on my lap waiting for the vet to open. Please say a prayer for poor Bonny.