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    Question Fluoride in water

    On a recent trip to the dentist, we were given a fluoride gel to put on the kids teeth after they brushed to aide in cavity prevention. Anyway, I started doing research on fluoride and it has opened so many questions and debates!

    My question is this, do you give your dog tap water that has the fluoride in it? I have been reading that it can cause all kinds of problems (bone brittleness, cancer, excema (don't think I spelled that right)) in humans AND SMALL DOGS. I also read that Fluoride has been banned in many of the European countries already but the good ol US is stubbornly hanging on to this archaic practice of fluoridating our public water.

    We are getting our pup from the breeder in a few weeks and I want to start her out right. Not to mention the kids drinking it, but Isabella will be so little at first. I am now thinking of adding a filter to take out the fluoride. We already use filters to take out the chlorine from our drinking and bathing water.

    Am I worrying too much here?

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