I visited my mother last Sunday and finally got to spend time with the greedy guzzler Parker(or Porker as I fondly call him). What a fabulous dog though,handsome, playful with the sweetest temperament.He's starting to obey some simple instructions and no longer gets excited over food, his interest in food now seems typical of any cavalier and all the frantic begging and scavanging seems to be disappearing.He still hasn't lost any weight though due to his earlier successful thieving expeditions!!
Parents are now walking him daily to shift the flab, and he walks beautifully on the lead.
It's hard to believe how large he is,Daisy is 12.5 inches to shoulder and weighs 15 lbs.This dude is massive for a Cav.Miss Daisy despises him though and as you can see from her facial expressions that she doesn't want to share any field space with him.See what you think.