I remember seeing a post about how to help them lose weight, but I looked through the archives and can't find it.

I have a (gasp!) 28 lb girl I have been trying for almost a year to get to lose weight. Nothing seems to work. Any advice is appreciated. she is 5 years old and started putting on the weight at age 2.5 when I had a baby and stopped taking them on walks for a while. She became very lazy and literally sleeps all day.

Here is the regimen;

1/2 cup twice a day of Nutro Ultra Weight Management kibble with a small amount of Nupro Gold powder mixed with water to make a gravy.

1 (25 minute) walk in the morning before breakfast about 5 days a week.

No treats during the day, but she will usually work on one Bully Stick all week.

I was feeding Orijen Senior but my other old lady couldn't get used to the high protein content so we are now on a search for a new food...to feed them both. Our puppy does wonderfully on Orijen Puppy, no problems at all. ANY ADVICE ON LOWER CALORIE FOODS AS WELL? I am not happy with the food I am feeding since it has all protein "meals" and that disgusts me, but I had to buy something at the super store b/c I couldn't get to the specialty store last week when they ran out of food. So this is temporary.