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Thread: Spaying.... Holly goes in on Friday

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    Default Spaying.... Holly goes in on Friday *UPDATE*

    Hello everyone!!

    Well I'm new here. My name is Ashley and I have a little ruby cavalier by the name of Holly!

    Unfortunately, we found out too late on that we went around getting a pup in the wrong way! We did see Holly's mother and father, and their vet records, but I did not ask for certificates of heart tests.
    This has been worrying me a lot!

    Holly is almost 7 months now, and really is a great little girly. A little shy, but very lady like haha. I just want to do everything right by her... so she is booked in to get spayed on Friday and I thought that it was a nice time to say hello to everyone (since I have been 'lurking' in the shadows for a while hehe), and I just felt I needed some support.

    I'm sure you've all been there, but I'm going to be on edge all week before she goes in for the op, and I just hope she'll be ok.
    I know CKCSs are prone to heart problems, so needless to say I am worried about the anesthetic!

    On a lighter note.... Its great to find other people crazy about cavs.... because i've certainly caught the bug!
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    Ashley, with Holly and Murphy


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