Is there a such thing as this? And if there is, what are they called? I am interested in seeing one to see what s/he would have to say regarding Faith's breathing problems. I have taken her to my regular vet several times regarding this issue.

She has this problem where she snorts sometimes even when she's awake and she snores SO LOUD at night that sometimes Avi leaves the room and he says I'm up all night pushing and repositioning her, lol. She sounds like a pug sometimes though, seriously The vet theorized that she has overproductive tear glands that are dripping down the back of her throat and causing snoring ~ kind of like a post-nasal drip problem. Has anybody ever heard of this before? She also looked in the light and said she doesn't appear to have any kind of obstruction and her nasal passage appears clear. She also doesn't have any blocked tear ducts *she tears excessively*.

The only option we have is to check her for an elongated soft palate when she is put out, but if we have to do that, I would rather have a specialist do it. I also heard one story of a dog who got the surgery for the elongated soft palate but the scar tissue ended up being enough to cause disruption of the airway, and that scares me.

Another thing that gets me is that she seems to excessively pant in the summer. I'm concerned about BAOS, but I don't know who to see to diagnose this type of problem.

Has anybody else had experience with this sort of deal?