Was awoken by bax @ 5.30 this morning he was whinging so i went down to let him out to the toilet and when i got there he had dirted his cage, so he ran out the back to go to the toilet and i was looking at him and he vomited up white stuff, so i clean out the cage and came back to the kitchen the back door was still open and here is freddie getting sick (all brown Stuff) on my decking and bax was down on the grass doing the same thing!!

Freddie will stay beside u when he is sick bax just runs away. I got them both back into the house and freddie got sick a further 2 times and baxter a further 3 times.

I have seen them vomit before but not that much!! They got no treats yesterday just there food!!

Molly had the same food as them and she was not sick but the boys sleep together in there carraige so could it be that they ate some of the poo in the carraige and it made them vomit??? Freddie use to eat poo when he was a puppy but i thought that i had gotten him out of that as he has not done that for a long time

I have told my mother to only give them water for the rest of the day!!