Our rescue group has been dealing with very high white blood counts on one of our little guys for a few months. When we first took him to the vet she said it was the highest she had ever seen. We've had him to a couple of vets, been on very strong antibiotics but it's still high. I just wondered if anyone has ever heard of something odd that might be special to a cavalier...or dog from a puppy mill?
To look at this little guy you would never know there was anything wrong with him. He is happy playful and the cutest little guy. I just wish someone could figure out what's wrong.
Here's a pic of him getting ready to curl up for a nap with one of his foster sister. Sadie (the one laying down) was also a mill rescue. She was about 2 when we got her and expecting pups very soon. She has stayed with her foster mom because she has vision problems ... she is always ready to take care of any of our little ones that need mothering...what a sweetie