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Thread: Sick Pup

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    This is from Cindy at the Rescue.

    [FONT=Arial]Thank you so much for your concern. I do not believe I posted anything on Cavalier talk. I would like to know more about your group. I do a lot of Cavalier rescues and it might be helpful to me. I do have a rescue with that problem. His white count is still high, but has come down. You would never know he was ever at death's door! He is a great little pup and is here at my house for now. It is hard to put him up for adoption when none of the Vets have a clue why his white count is high. I would list him as special needs if I knew what to say, as why. If he was adopted out and had to have blood work the new Vet would have to think something was wrong. So here he stays. I do know a lot of people involved with Cavaliers, maybe they posted? Freedom Rescue is an all breed rescue, but Cavs tug at my heart. I adopted one of my first bred Cavs, 8 months old and had five pups. Blind in one eye, trauma, and some vision in the other. Love her to death. Have two pups and another bred girl from the auction this past weekend. If anyone has seen high white blood counts in this breed I would love to know. I do know about the platelet problems. Thanks Cindy

    I told her about Cavalier Talk and that I would post her email on this site.

    Some one will have a great idea
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