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Thread: I may be in urgent need of a Dublin city foster

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    One thought about fostering though - although I'm a failed 'transporter' (didn't even get as far as fostering Kevin!!), if everyone failed all the time there'd be no foster homes and therefore rescues would be backed-up with dogs waiting to come in.

    Easier said than done though - I've only ever fostered 2 cavaliers. One wasn't suited to children, so he was moved on very quickly; and the other was a 'permanent foster', so she stayed with us until she went to the Bridge.

    Most of my fosters have been springer spaniels.

    As far as cavaliers are concerned, I'm more interested in the special needs ones anyway, so less likely to fail with a young, healthy dog.
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    i am off til wednesday if u need any help with transport u have my number!!
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    Hi Karlin,
    We're always happy to help, any way we can. We're pretty close to Dublin, only about 30 minutes from Blanchardstown (although not in rush hour, obviously)
    We both work 9am-3pm these days, so there's always someone home from around 3pm on, and we can offer transport if needs be.
    Let me know if we can be of any help with the influx you seem to be having.
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    Ideally I'd like to get one 5year old male into foster by mid-week if I cannot quickly place him -- Prince the tri -- I am really under pressure for work at the moment so homechecks and vet checks are hard for me to do right away. I will see if I have any response from prospective homes in the next two days or so first.
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