I posted a few weeks ago about how Bella had a absess type thing on her belly. After the first doctor visit she was put on Clavamox, after a week of the lump not going away we brought her back into the vet, they did a culture of the absess and it came back as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). If you aren't familiar its the same "super-bug" being found in humans. Its basically a very hard to kill bacteria (staph) that is running rampant in the hospitals and is very resistent to most antibiotics. From what I have read and talked to people about its mostly only harmful when your immune system is suppressed but there is still alot of debate out there about it. The vet isn't sure how she would have picked it up - maybe from her spay??? He also said this is the first case in a dog he has seen - its a human virus which she can pass it onto us as well which I am sure she has already since her wound has been open for the past 2 weeks. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this yet with thier dog or if anyone knows anything about this. I don't know the best treatment options and it doesn't seem the vet does either. I am going to take her to our larger animal hospital next week if this doesn't go away and I'm hoping they will know more. Apparently though, even if the absess goes away the bug still forever lives in her system and never really dies - she just becomes colonized but not infected. I'm just really confused at this point and looking for any advice for how to best handle this.