I realise this is probably OTT, but I've booked Bella in for her spay on May 2 (she will be 6 months, 1 week old).

I've already asked the vet nurse heaps of questions and this is the process:

7.10am I drop her off.

12.00pm Surgery (Bella is booked in for the first slot)

4.30pm I can go and see her and if she is ready I can take her home.

I told the nurse I am happy to wait if she isn't ready to come home when I go to collect her.

I am also electing to get the fluid therapy and bloodwork done (I would have thought that would be compulsory ).

Is there anything else I should find out or do? I already have some onesies and will make sure I have some chicken and rice (her favorite) on hand.

You can probably tell a newbie a mile away