After stating on a previous post i have dumped all the rubbish food and treats we have now started this week Poppys diet and i also decided to include Daisy as shes started developing a bit of a podgy waist line too.So with Poppy being my main concern ,i must admit i am too scared to weigh her as i might get heart failure, we shall just say shes is 15.2 k ,i have just weighed her, but she is a large cavalier , so i feed her in the morning app 75 gramme and the same in the evening made up of part burns light kibble part r c cavavlier kibble with a small amount of finely cut up white chicken or turkey meat with a squirt of salmon oil on top .Daisys weight is 7.8 k and i feed similar but 50gram morning and the same in the evening,i notice on a lot of sites people say 1/2 cup or a full cup but what is a cup ? to me you can get small cups medim cups and great big cups so when it states 1/2 cup what is that. i do like to vary the type of food ie chicken or salmon or turkey { all from m & s) and also the kibble i have read about Wellness but cant find it ,so now to my question answer in grams pls am i even now giving too much ,i suspect i am but the amount in the bowel does not look a lot .Your exprt advice most wellcome ,oh and the odd treat is Ocean Bites.