I just wanted to post a quick update on Bella in case anyone is wondering. I had Bella to the vet's three days ago and thankfully they are very very optimistic that she will be just fine. The absess where the MRSA was discovered in the first place is almost completely healed - just a tiny little scab at this point which means the antibiotics are working - thank god! I talked with the vet for about an hour as to how this could have happened, why Bella, will it ever be rid of her system, what the vet community is doing to look out for this in the future, how this may affect the rest of Bella's health, etc. Long story short their is no way of knowing how she got this - of course the vet didn't want to admit that it happened during the spay but everything she said pretty much led to that being the most likely cause. There must have been someone in the operating room who is a carrier that did not take full sterile precautions. She basically boiled it down to us having very bad luck as this hospital (Angel Memorial in Boston - HUGE widely respected hospital) have only ever seen two cases of MRSA in dogs are both were from implant surgeries. So this is still pretty darn rare but they say it is starting to become more common. Overall, they hope and think that once this absess is gone that she should be a normal healthy pup - they can't say for sure if she will develop another absess like this in the future. However, she did say that the animal MRSA is not at the "scary" point that human MRSA is at. The MRSA people are dying from in hospitals is a completely different strain than they are seeing in animals which made me feel alot better. So for now, she is okay and I am very optimistic that this was just bad luck and hopefully won't cause her any problems in the future. Thanks for all the support!