Having cut Pops down to 2x75 gr for the first four days then taking advice from merlinsmum for the rest of the week shes had 2x60 gr,the other good spin off naturally is that Daisy and Rosies calorie intake is now also controlled but as they are not overweight with them i just want to stabilise them before they develop any excess weight .So after the first week we go to Poppys weigh in which she now stands at 15.3 kilo ! exactly the same as last week ,oh well i suppose we can view it as a success in that she has stabilised and not increased but she is definately more interested in her food unlike before we started when her attitude seemed to be "well if i dont eat it all now theres always more later if i want it" so now i can see she is still visibly hungry after her meals. Apart from Burns High Oats and Royal Canin Medium Light what other low or non calorie food items can i add just to fill her tum merlinsmum suggested green beans and or carrots is there any thing else you could suggest to give poor old Poppy some enjoyable variation and what do you think about adding a bit of quality fish based wet food like Applaws or Schesir tuna dog food.This week its going to be 2x55 grammes,and i will see if i can find some smaller food bowls.