what are the best treats to give your puppy he is 6 months old i am never out of pets at home and i have been giving him puppy mini bones they are not actual bones the are just shaped like them they are very small they are made with lamb and added calcium has anyone tried them he loves them i give him one when he comes in from doing the toilet outside i actually cut them in half so he's not getting too much i also bought some pedigree puppy markies they are mini rolls with chicken which he loves and is great because it keeps him occupied for a little while although he is eating them rather quickly now.it sais on the back you can feed 4 bicuits a day and up to 8 biscuits for medium puppies i think this is rather a lot i am only giving him 1 at the moment i know how some people feel on this forum about pedigree i did pick them up when i was in asda are they okay for him and what else do you suggest iwould like to fing a good chew for him something that will last him a little while but also healthy for him