Tomorrow is not going to be easy for us. I would like to ask for your thoughts and prayers as we go through it.

Ziggy is being neutered and while I know its very easy on a male, I'm still afraid that something could go wrong and I could lose him. He's my baby, he was all but born into my hands, I couldn't love him anymore if he was the finest example of a Cavalier on the planet instead of just being Ziggy. His surgery is scheduled for 11:00 am so if you could send good thoughts and prayers his way then I would appreciate it.

At the same time Ziggy is on the table, I'll be with my beloved corgi Zack while he's evaluated for a potentially debiliating condition. He's going to be seven years old on April 13th so he's not an old dog, but his front legs seem to be collapsing underneath him. I may well have to face life expectancy and quality of life issues for him tomorrow. So I would ask your thoughts and prayers for him . . . and me . . . tomorrow as well.

Thanks ya'll