I am still contemplating adding another to our family but could somebody list the questions in order of there priority that one should ask breeders,and is the only way of finding out which breeders try to meet or
exceed these points by phone alone cos sometimes forgive me if i say it if you are not part of the inner circle you seem to be left to stumble through or are things said like dont go there but Mrs dfdfdf is a fine breeder.Or is it just pot luck we got our three through the kk advisory list apart from Daisy but i dont know if they have been mr scanned or heart checked now the more i read the more i worry for my girls not me.Surely if individual breeders know their pups are all sound and health tested as they should be and if buyers have no interest in showing advertise them that they are clear but charge an amount that realises the quality of your dogs it may keep away unethical cavalier owners away, nil satis nisi optimum for our cavs