We noticed last night Shelby is having a problem getting around. I'm assuming it's her knee, she's walking stiff-legged. For those who don't know....Shelby had patella surgery 3 years ago, twice since it didn't hold the first time and we have since then found out her knee is still luxating. Surgery is no longer an option. We'll book her into the vet's office tomorrow if she's not better. I had hoped her knee wouldn't progress this quickly. So disheartening. She's gotten really good at using her steps to get up on the bed so we moved them out to the living room to see if she'd use them on the couch (her favorite lounging spot) and she did. So hubby will build another set today for the bedroom. I'm really concerned that her knee is so bad so quickly. She's only 3 1/2 I gave her a rimadyl dose this morning and will watch her for the rest of the day.

On top of that...I took all 3 dogs to the dog park yesterday. We won't be doing that again!! Abby was so overwhelmed she had diahhrea all over her little rear end. Wrapped her up in a towel to get her home and gave her a butt bath. Think we'll stay away from the dog park until she goes home.