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    Oh, so sorry she's having problems.

    Something like Sasha's blend with green lipped mussels should make a difference. I will find the link to the Chinese herbs that my Tasha took as well. The combination should work just as well as Rimadyl without any side effects and won't be hard on her organs.

    Here is the link:

    This is the 2nd medication she was taking:

    Cathy, my little Tasha had loose patellas, and she lived to be 14.5. These two medicines were a Godsend to us for years!

    More thoughts - Tasha's vet told me to keep her very lean. By keeping her at the light end of the scale it will take the stress off her joints. This will make a huge difference. I just cut back Tasha's calories. And I didn't leash walk her, as that adds more wear and tear on the knees. Let her self-exercise in the house and backyard, but keep her calories low. She will still enjoy life!

    One other thing is that ramps may be easier on her knees than stairs. I've seen a long ramp that can be put across the entire foot of a bed. It is easier than stairs. I'll try to find it.
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