I'd be interested in hearing the bread & butter theory too.

well, I took Sparky o the vets friday evening & he looked over him & said theres not too much to worry about, he took his tempreture & that was normal so he thinks it's a food allergy so gave us some hills puppy & some antibiotics for a week. So far his stools are still quite soft but not as smelly & no blood.

I also asked the vet about something else - every time Sparky poops he comes back in & scoots. As he's been treated for worms it cant be that & i asked him to check his anal glanda but he said they are fine too & then he just shruged & went on about how great hills puppy food is! (personaly I'm not a fan but it does seem to be ok for him - so far but I thinkI'm going to put him on the JWB lamb& rice once this bag of food is almost finished & see how he gets on with that)