i wish vegas would be a little more sociable with people he is so scared of everyone he meets he is nearly 7 months do you think he will come out of this? he does not like to be picked up by anyone even me he just runs away, when my hubbie is leaving for work in the morning he bends down to speak to him and he just runs away comes back and runs away again he is like this with everyone, i am with him mostly all the time he is never left alone my teenage kids are great at looking after him if we need to go out somewhere, but the other day i had to go away for an hour somewhere so i left him with my parents he would not settle in their house when i went away, althouth he is used to their house my mum tried to give him a treat but he would not take it he kept looking out of the window looking for me and my mum said you could hear a little whimper coming from him, he also does not like you touching his head, where is the best place to touch him with affection?