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Thread: will he become more sociable with age?

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    sorry forgot to mention went to vets yesterday and at last his ears seem fine she just told me to his left ear has a tiny bit of wax but looks almost clear and to just clean them about twice a week with epi otic. today when i was at the pet shop i bought veterinary antibacterial ear drops and cleanser and they have a dropper in them which makes it very easy to apply it helps to remove wax and tissue debris from the ear has anyone tried them i must say it gives your dogs ears a lovely clean smell, like disinfectant especially good for those who have smelly ears
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    My little Dixie was timid when we first got her. She would only come to me, and after a while my husband, but no one else. She would coward down and act like they were going to kill her. We started her in obedience class with other dogs and people. At first, she wouldn't even take a treat from the trainer, just me. The trainer encouraged us to take her out as much as possible , to as many places as possible and expose her to lots of different people and places. We took her to the dog park, city parks, pet stores, relative's homes, and kept her in obedience classes. When people came over, we encouraged them to try to approach her,and give her a chin rub or pet. It took a while, but now she is a different dog. It all worked. She now goes up to people ALL the time, she jumps in their laps. etc. She might be tooooo friendly now!!!! Like I said, it did not happen overnight, but with lots of patience and exposure, they can overcome shyness. Good Luck. Judy and Dixie PS She just turned a year in March.


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