Hi Guys!! OK so.. . . Kosmo and Faith are going to the vet this afternoon. Faith because she has a small luxating patellae and she hasn't been checked since september-ish and I need to make sure it's not getting any worse (I've heard her cry a few times in the last few months) and Kosmo because he has this crazy ear problem.

Kosmo scratches at his left ear quite a bit. Mostly during the night time.. sometimes during the day. When he scratches, it's prolonged, sometimes for a minute or two. He does make contact with his ear when he scratches, but I've heard him cry a few times before when he scratches at his ear. I'm not so concerned that it is SM although that could in fact be a possibility.. he just doesn't display the symptoms typical with SM. It's just his ear.

Now here's the thing.. it's always his left ear, and I have cleaned his ears repeatedly. There is absolutely NO smell associated with this. I can't imagine he would be scratching at his ear just for fun, but it's really hard to pinpoint anything when there is no smell, no discoloration, nothing..

I am worried he might have PSOM, but again, he doesn't display the head tilt, or any hypersensitivities in the area.

Is there a such thing as a microscopic mite that can't be seen? And if there is, what is the liklihood that it's only affecting one ear and not the other (or Faith for that matter?)

I am going to the vet this afternoon.. what kinds of questions should I be asking, and what kinds of tests should I insist that they perform?

This scratching doesn't seem to interfere with his every day life, I just can't help but notice his constant scratching of that ear.