Thanks you all for your concerns

I had Kosmo in the vet and she looked down his ears.. We are actually in a "waiting stage" of the game right now, as apparently his ear canals are swollen and she could not see his ear drum. She said she thinks this is because of "seasonal allergies" since he's only been at this for a few weeks now. But although he only scratches one side like crazy, apparently both are swollen? I was given something called "Surolan" to squeeze down his ears once every 24 hours for the next week. Lets just say that I'm not Kosmo's favorite person today

I have him on a grain-free food (Orijen) which I hope is not contributing if in fact it IS allergies.

I have a follow up appt in about a week now (I think, or is it 2?) anyways, I have an appt to follow up and I will let you all know what happens then. Hopefully the swelling will have subsided and she will be able to see if there is a big ball of wax or something else that may be causing the scratching.

I printed out PSOM and SM information and dropped it with the vet when I was there. if nothing else, they can keep it on file. I am also not TOO far away from the University of Guelph, which I know for sure are up to speed in their SM research. If we can't fix the problem at the local vet, I think I'll just ask to be referred there.

As for Faith, I've talked the "luxating patella" issue over with lots of people who have experience in the area and at this time it's not causing her any grief so I think I'm going to leave it and hopefully we will never see a progression. The vet said it's my call, but she knows the great experience I've had with Kosmo. I have spoken with some people who have had a LP in their history that has never gotten worse and the dogs have been fine. I really don't want to put her through that surgery unless it's absolutely necessary. When Kosmo was having patella issues it was obviously and definately interfering with his daily life, but unless someone said it, nobody would ever know there was a problem with Faith. She doesn't do the "skip" when she runs that I can see, although it did pop out one time this winter when she fell down on the ice For now though, I think we are waiting