Now that we have two pups its been difficult to deal with feeding. We were told that to preven food agression it was important to feed them in 2 different rooms/areas and get them used to that as much as possible. Well this hasn't been going well. First off Albie (9 week old boy) has been eating well, but seems to want the food we put out for Kip (5 month old boy). Kip seems to just sit back and watch this all play out. Usually we can get Albie focused on one but Kip has gotten to the point where he really doesnt want to eat unless its with Albie. Kip will eat the food if Albie is eating it first.

How can I remedy this or is it not an issue to let them eat out of the same bowl or next to eachother. We definately want to monitor how much they are eating and not create and food related aggressions.

Right now they do not bite or fight for the food but we dont want these habits to start.

Thanks for your advice!