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    Default nature diet

    hi just wondering is the naturediet expensive it seems on the website i looked at that my cavalier weighing 3 kg would need one packet a day and it is 22.50 for 18 packs do you find it expensive to feed

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    I buy it from & it works out at €17.99 for the regualr varieties & €19.05 for the puppy diet.

    My 6kg Jack russell eats 1/2 a pack a day with mixer biscuit (she's spayed & 10 years old so she dosn't need so much) & Sparky at the moment is having 3/4 of a pack of puppy diet per day again with mixer biscuit.

    It does say that you don't need to add mixer but I just like to so they get a bit of crunch in their diet!

    With Zooplus if you order more than €50 you get the delivery free but anything under is €4.90 which isn't bad really.

    So, I don't find it too expensive - my last dog & Cass used to eat a pack a day between them (with mixer) so it cost me aprox €1 a day for the two of them, I imagine when Sparky's finished growing he'll be on around the same amount as Cass or a little more, so it should work out about the same.

    I gues sit might work out a little more expensive than some of the dry foods but Ive used it for years & find it very good.

    I'm not sure where you are Shan - but when I lived in England I also used to use a dog food called forthglade which is quite similar to the naturediet except most of the varities are not 'complete'.

    Hope that helps!
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