We brought Bobby to the vet again last Friday as his scratching seems to be getting worse. If he's not scatching at his ears, he's shaking his head from side to side. (He has already visited the vets about this problem and was prescribed ear drops for five days). I went to the vets armed with knowledge on SM however the vet wouldn't even entertain the idea. She made me feel a little foolish for bringing it up. She's convinced its allergies. His ears are inflamed but there are no signs of mites or infection. She gave him a shot of anti-inflammatory and said if he didn't improve they would have to allergy test him (He hasn't improved at all). She said this half laughing because in the history of the practice they've only allergy tested two dogs. I think she was implying that myself and Bobby are hypochondriacs!

Have people allergy tested their dogs? We know he's allergic to chicken and that has sorted his tummy out but we've no evidence of other food allergies. I'm assuming the vet is correct in saying this is the next logical step to figure out what is causing the scratching. Any advise?