Just now saw your post (I've been out of town) and want to give you some hope. Jake was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma when he was two years old. We had an excellent board certified surgeon who removed his upper left jaw bone (left one molar in the back and the front pointy tooth, can't think of the proper name, and removed the bone up to his nasal cavity). Here we are 3 1/2 years later to tell you about it!! We didn't need to do any radiation or chemo.....we got very clean margins after the surgery. You would never know he's missing his jawbone unless you opened his mouth and looked at it. And two weeks later he was eating regular food again.

My surgeon did say that the surgery was originally thought to be drastic and extreme because they took so much mouth. But it's been performed more and more with excellent results. We did catch the growth when it was very new (at least new in making a visible appearance).

Please let us know what you hear. And feel free to pm or e-mail me if you have specific questions. I went through a week of he** thinking I was going to lose my boy, we had been given a 6 month prognosis with surgery and radiation until I found our life-saving surgeon.