Last Tuesday Mr Oakey decided to eat grandads blood pressure tablet that unfortunatley got dropped on the floor.

We made him eat grass in between calling the emergency vet....... No sicky...
The vets contacted the poisons dept who advised us to get him to a vet. We got him to the vets... they couldn't induce vomiting as the tablets take only about 20 min to be disolved plus if they had induced vomiting they would have to have given him a sedative which may have reacted with the blood pressure tablet.

So Oakley spent the day in the vets in the ops theatre so he could be monitored constantly on a drip to clear him out. My poor little man locked up in a crate - apparantely he was good as gold and suffered no ill effects.

He went back the next day to have his blood pressure checked and all was good- the little greedy guts was okay

Grandad has now been given strict instructions to take his tablets BEFORE the boys arrive