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Thread: Cassidy's Spay Today

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    Ooooh, here we are a week later and Cassidy is back to her lovey dovey self. The vet said she did really well all day- I was so relieved. My daughter and I were not expecting her to be so out of it still and we got worried when she tried to walk and would trip. It seemed as if the cone was too heavy but my husband came home and pointed out that it was because she was still drowsy! The next morning she was up and back to her kissy self in no time. The belly cover my mom made worked great (it looks like an apron). I didn't have to worry about her belly rubbing on anything.

    We are still using the cone but only when we can't keep our eye on her every second. Even with the belly cover on she can still get to the wound if she really tries but she hasn't bothered with it too much. I think the hardest part of her was the first day or so because she wasn't getting held and cuddled as much as usual. But now all is good. We made it . Her follow up appointment is Tuesday. Thanks for the well wishes.

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    That's great! You can almost certainly take the cone off now -- she will be mostly healed and will probably just lick the sutures. I've never needed one more than a day or two. But just keep an eye out, as some dogs and cats do go after the sutures themselves (one of my cats pulled her stitches out -- but I think cats are more obsessed with stitches and more flexible at reaching them!!). If she isn't fussing much over them when you are there, she is unlikely to be doing so when you leave her alone.
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