Its been almost a week since Poppy and Daisy had their bout of scratching and after the vets injection and their daily ear drops of Canaural so far it seems to have worked but the vet did say to go back if it returns within a week so i will be happier in say another 4/5 days. I have kept them away from the seaside and the sand hills but as its a lovely day i may take a chance and go there a bit later today ,i also removed from the beds two sheepskin rugs i bought from Skyskyns as i thought its a bit warm for them and they just might have contributed possibly to their itch. I bought for Dawn a product called a ChillowPlus its a memory foam pillow addition that you fill with water which soaks into the foam then it goes inside your pillow case but on top of your pillow and its supposed to stay cool all the time thereby keeping you a bit cooler on our warm ( ?) nights , and on their advertising jargon they also do one for dogs so needless to say its got me thinking about them for the girls who at the time have flaked out on the floor in front of a fan i have just bought for them to cool them a bit.And thanks again to more excellent tips i picked up from reading the forum as on last nights walk Daisy and Rosie spotted a great big Bumble Bee and gave chase so as instructed i have ordered a PDSA Dog 1 st Aid Kit and some Benadryl tablets ( am i right max dose 10 mg) and cream which i will always keep in the car just in case.