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Thread: Ollie's tummy is growling in the morning

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    Default Ollie's tummy is growling in the morning

    Just recently (the past week or so), I wake up to Ollie's stomach growling and making all sorts of noise! This morning, he woke me up at 6am acting like he was out of sorts. I took him out and he peed and threw up a little bit of yellow liquid!

    Is it possible he simply needs more food? I feed him 1/2 c of Orijen around 9am in the morning and night around 6pm. I'm paranoid of him becoming overweight as my older Casey is, so I am reluctant to feed him more. He just seems hungry in the morning all of a sudden. Maybe a growth spurt? He is almost 9 mos old. The weird thing is, he is my only dog that doesn't scarf their food down. He waits around and dawdles about.

    Any comments?
    Trisha in Southwest Florida
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    Usually my guys tummies only growl when they are feeling sick, and as Ollie vomited bile when he went outside, it does sound like he had an upset tummy.

    I give my guys a couple of dog biscuits for breakfast. I do deduct the amount from their main (evening) meal, so that they don't get fat.
    ~ Sam, Sonny & Beau ~


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