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    got vegas's skin swab test back and he does not seem to have have any skin problems so htey want to do a blood test to check liver and kidneys to make sure they're okay had an appointment yesterday morning to get that done but was up all night with him being sick and in the morning he had diarhea took him along anyway but they did not want to do it while he had sickness and diarhea they gave him an injection and some tablets and some liquid to harden hiss poos up i have to give it 3 times a day he has not been very well at all he still has diarhea and i think there was a little blood in them this evening is this normal and how long does it usually take for it to clear up i have gave him 3 dozes yesterday and 2 today i will give him another one tonight before we go to bed should his poos be harder by now? i am going back to the vet first thing monday morning with him but i am quite worried at the moment
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    That poor little man is sure having a rough time of it. I hope it all settles down soon.
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