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Thread: Pinecones, rocks and bark OH MY!

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    Default Pinecones, rocks and bark OH MY!

    Our new little puppy, Albie, must think hes a goat cause he eats EVERYTHING. We have been doing our best to monitor him when we have him outside but on occasion he finds himself a pinecone or bark or rock to munch. Its been bothering me more and more because although I try my best to keep him away from all these things my husband who is a wonderful poppa doesnt always watch them with my eagle eye. (I am definately the worrywart of us two.

    Anywho, it gets me to todays story. Albie had an accident inside tonight and pooed on the floor. I noticed that it was mucusy and had a few drops of blood, then I noticed a VERY large hunk of Pinecone right in the middle and a few small rocks that are in my flower beds (there wasnt too much otherwise)

    Here are my questions, is the poop this way because of the passing the pinecone? He seems fine otherwise but we have been monitoring him closely incase we need to make a vet run. Also, is there anything you can do to prevent them from eating these things besides constantly scurrying them out? If they do eat these things is there something you can give them to help them pass it?

    I am just being a paranoid momma but I appreciate all your advice!
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    my nemo picks up everything too.
    i was talking to people in my dog park yesterday and they said its common for teething puppies. reminded me that my 3 yr old cocker actually did the same thing when he was a puppy.

    ouch. i hope your puppy dont pick up more pinecones!

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    Maybe these links can help you. Good Luck!
    chewing bark and stones:
    Unhealthy Diet/Behavior:
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