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    Sasha is nearly 1 year old now. Always checked her ears (internally) by sight as know that dogs like Spaniels can get ear problems because of the make up of their ears. She has never had any problems and they are lovely and clean. But recently she has started scratching them. Nothing horrendous but having a good 10 minute go and then she would leave them alone. But today we noticed her ears are full of what i can only describe as "muck". It is brown rather than black and quick thick and a lot of it. Not on the ear flaps but inside. There is no heat, and no redness. She was scratching before and a clump of the substance came out so i examined it. Sorry gross I know!!. It is the colour of wet sand and the same consistency. Not waxy more gritty. One of my cats once had ear mites but this was black inside. I have checked both cats and their ears are clean and clear. Sasha doesn't seem distressed by this. What can this be and what would clear it up. Would the vet beable to give me something over the counter rather than take her in. Or any home remedies that work.

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    I had this problem a few years ago.
    I clean the inside of the ear with Otalane then I put an unguent given by the vet. But you should see the vet in order to know if there is no otitis, I think !

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    You need to see a vet. This is probably ear mites and they are extremely itchy and uncomfortable for the dogs as they move around in the canal. The ear produces excessive wax trying to protect itself which I'd describe as brown, not black, in dogs. Maybe this is an infection though -- whatever the case -- you'll need a vet to do an exam asap and see exactly what is causing this problem and get the proper treatment. Scratching for 10 minutes is a really long time so the dog sounds pretty uncomfortable with it. All the dog's bedding etc is going to need to be put thru a hot wash to destroy eggs and mites and probably the cats treated to as a precaution if it is mites -- but your vet will tell you what all needs to be done.

    If nothing can be found to be causing excessive itchiness just make sure you and your vet are familiar with the problem with syringomyelia in the breed: This will cause excessive scratching in the ear area as one possible sign but a lot of other things would need to be eliminated as more likely causes, first.
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