Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if Burns make any meat products for dogs. Rio eats the dry mixer well and enjoys it. However with having tested him with different meats and tinned meats he only prefers the dreaded............CHAPPIE !!! Original flavour !! :O

A lady with a westie at the park who walks her Westie asked what he ate as he had a lovely coat and when i told her Chappie and Burns she wrinkled her nose and said "Disgusting meat"

We've had Rio almost 2 years now and we have tested him on so many things its not fair on his stomach. We were wondering if anyone knows if Burns have perhaps introduced any tinned meats?

He is seriously allergic to lamb, chicken, beef, liver, and we have tried him with some fish but this always seems to give him a very sore stomach and he has loose mucusy stools.

Does anyone know of a nice well balanced soft on the tummy meat to give our Cav a bit of a variety?

Thanks !