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Thread: Goop in eyes?

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    Default Goop in eyes?

    Hi all, Casey & Precious have, in the past two weeks, starting getting a goop in their eyes, especially in the morning. I took Casey to the vet this morning for her annual and he said it was not an infection. I was relieved it wasn't an infection, so forgot to ask about other causes...

    Are allergies common in dogs right now?
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    I think Lucky has seasonal allergies.

    I noticed his eyes get very runny when he is outside right now, but not inside.
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    Mine seem to get more "goo" in their eyes during different times of the year, and also if there'a a lot of dust around. We moved into a building that was new construction and it wasn't quite done, and Miles seemed to have more goo in his eyes around that time due to the construction dust, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it's thick and yellow...then he might have some type of infection.
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