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Thread: Episodic Falling Syndrome(EFS)

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    Default Episodic Falling Syndrome(EFS)

    Hello everyone,i am a new member,my name is Anne and i am the proud owner of Todd an adourable 19 weeks old Blenhiem.My worry is that Todd has Episodic Falling Syndrome(EFS),i have never owned a Cavvy before and i am really worried about him.The "falls"take place when he is exerscising or exited,his spine arches almost cat like then his rear legs stiffen and collapse.This only lasts a few seconds and does not seem to cause him any disscomfort.He then is ready to carry on whatever he was doing at the time.I have taken him to my vet who offers little advice exept to treat him normally.I would be grateful for any help on this very scary Syndrome,from any members who have experiance of it.Is it a sign of something else going on?will he outgrow it?Many thanks in advance,Todd and Anne x

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    Hi. Sorry to hear that your pup has EFS. I have a 3 yr. old tri girl who has it. We try and keep her from becoming stressed or too excited and especially limit her exercise in the heat. Fortunately, it has not compromised her quality of life at all and her episodes have been very infrequent. When they do happen we just calmly stroke her and talk softly to her and she comes out of it pretty quickly. good info about EFS.

    There is a good website message board for cavaliers with EFS: Lots of helpful information and the lady who runs the site is very helpful. There are studies going on to help find cures/treatments.

    Our vet says it's the same thing that "falling goats" have; an excess of adrenaline that freezes their muscles for a short time. Is your puppy having very frequent episodes? There are some drug treatments available but they are not recommended unless the dog's quality of life is significantly compromised. Please contact me if you have any questions or need more info.
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